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Hey mamas, listen up! 


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Have you ever wondered whether having a night-time routine is overrated? 
Whether intermittent fasting actually works? 
Or what exactly is the deal with apple cider vinegar?? 

Then you need The Healthy AF Mom Show in your podcast library!


The Healthy AF Mom Show is dedicated to helping tired Millennial moms regain their energy, control their cravings, catch better Zzzs, banish the bloat, live more cleanly, and better understand their post-birth bods. In each episode, I (and the occasional guest expert) dive into the real issues that you struggle with every day, including low energy, PMS, poor sleep, weight loss, stress management, and so much more.


No fluff. No BS. Just practical takeaways dedicated to helping you feel like the most amazing, badass, Healthy AF* version of you!


(And remember: at the The Healthy AF Mom Show, no topic is TMI 😉)


From PMS survival tactics to green skincare glow-ups to kicking the doom-scroll habit, you’ll walk away from each episode armed with powerful tips for living your best and most vibrant life. 


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6 Steps to the Perfect Smoothie

Episode 001
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Interested in being a guest?

I’m always on the lookout for health and wellness experts who have a LOT to say about holistic medicine and women’s health. Got some great tips and info for frazzled moms? Fill out this handy contact form and let’s talk about it!

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