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Top 5 Healthy Shopping Tips

Get your engines ready......set.....SHOP!! Yes folks, it's that time of year where we brave the shopping malls to find that prefect present on our list. However, sometimes it can take a tad bit longer than expected.

Have these Top 5 Healthy Shopping Tips handy to keep that Christmas shopping spirit alive!

1. Nike vs. Prada- Although we want to look good as we shop, make sure you wear supportive, comfortable shoes for a day of shopping. Wearing high heels/ boots can cause low back pain and foot pain.

2. Rehydrate- Make sure to keep a bottle of water handy to stay refreshed and energetic. No body likes a Grinch .

3. Bags and Bags...- When shopping for a full day we can accumulate multiple bags. Make sure to make pitstops at the car to drop off bags. Carrying heavy bags over our shoulders can cause back pain and negatively affect the curvature of our spine. So take a break.

4. Avoid Mrs. Fields -Keep small protein rich snacks such as a handful almonds in your purse to keep your blood sugar regulated and your Christmas energy up.

5. Go Green- Bring in your reusable bags for shopping. Lower your ecological footprint!With these 5 tips you'll be well on your way to energetic, pain free shopping! Well..... maybe not for your wallets !

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