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What Should I Pack In My Hospital Bag? My Top 5 Things To Support Healing And Recovery

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

When I was organizing my hospital bag for when my daughter was born, I definitely “over packed”. I had new outfits for me and for her. I had my makeup bag, toiletries, swaddles, extra onsies…my bag was jammed packed!

Being the over planner that I am, I had also packed my healing and recovery kit I put together for myself to help get a jump start on the postpartum recovery phase.

Not going to lie, after I had my daughter it felt like my body had been hit by a bus! I was sore EVERYWHERE. Even my face and neck were sore from contractions and active labour. My legs felt like jelly and sitting up felt like a job. So that first day where I thought I would be cuddling my new babe in her cute little outfit while I lounged in my new robe was quickly dashed.

In reality, I just wore the hospital gown because everything was just a mess and I didn’t want to ruin my new robe! My daughter used the hospital blankets because she was still bringing up gross fluid and the bag full of cute stuff was left untouched.

But not my healing and recovery kit.. that sucker was out in full force from the moment she was born! Here are my Top 5 Things I think you need to add to your hospital bag. I’m not saying don’t bring the cute robe or new PJ’s (which you may or may not wear), just make sure you also bring the stuff that’s going to help you heal and feel better faster!

What Should I Pack In My Hospital Bag? My Top 5 Things To Support Healing And Recovery

1. Arnica- take 2 pellets of 30 CH Arnica under the tongue immediately after birth and then every 30-60 mins for 48 hours. This will help to reduce inflammation, soreness and pain.

2. Momma Bottom Care Spray- Use spray on sensitive areas after bathroom visits. These healing herbs help to speed up healing and recovery time, reduce pain and help the calm the irritated tissues.

3. Fridababy Fridet The Momwasher- Yes, they give you a perri-bottle at the hospital, but this peri-bottle has an angled nozzle so it can get into all those tender and hard to reach places. It's a game changer for soothing your sore vagina without having to get your hand wet in the toilet bowl.

4. Aleva Naturals Bamboo Fem Wipes- Ultrasoft and pH balanced to help cleanse those sensitive areas post baby. Helps to avoid the irritation and aggravation from toilet paper.

5. Lavender Roller Bottle- Trying to get to sleep at the hospital can be tricky. Lavender helps to keep you calm and relaxed so you can catch some zzz's. Add 10 drops of Lavender essential oil to 10ml roller ball. Apply to the bottoms of the feet and behind the ears to grab some zen moments even at the hospital.

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