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Episode 001 - 6 Steps to the Perfect Smoothie

Not all smoothies are created equal. So, what makes a perfect smoothie?

When I’m making a smoothie, it’s with the goal of packing it as full of nutrients as I possibly can. I’m talking fibre, healthy fats, antioxidants, and more phytonutrients than you can shake a stick at!

Why? Because when you start your morning off with a nutritional bang, that can carry you through the rest of your busy day. Turns out the rumours are true: what you eat can and does affect how you feel…. and you deserve to feel AHH-MAZ-ING!

Imagine having more energy, fewer junk food cravings, happier hormones, a revved-up metabolism, a healthier gut, and no mid-afternoon crash — it’s totally possible. All you need is my 6 step formula for building your strategic energy smoothie, and I am spilling ALL the goods in this episode of The Healthy AF Mom show!

Grab your blender and hit play to learn:

  • Why we often tend to add TOO MUCH fruit to our smoothies (and the portion size to aim for)

  • How much protein you need per day and how to choose your source(s)

  • Why drive-thru and grocery store smoothies aren’t as healthy as they claim to be


00:01 Intro

02:15 Smoothie benefits

04:58 The fluid

05:40 The protein

07:24 The fruit

08:27 The greens & veg

10:17 The fibre

10:19 The healthy fat

10:52 Spice it up!

13:14 Recap


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