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Episode 015 - Mama's Mind Makeover: Conquering Mom Brain

Are you expecting a little one soon? Or maybe you just had one but sometimes you feel like you cannot get your mind to be as sharp as it used to? In this episode we are going to talk about something mothers or mom-to-be’s can relate to. We are talking about “Mom Brain”. Join us as we explore what exactly Mom Brain is, why it happens, and most importantly, discover practical strategies to reclaim your brain's full capacity. Get ready for a fun and enlightening conversation as we share tips, tricks, and hilarious stories to help you navigate the journey of motherhood with your mental superpowers intact. So, sit back, relax, and let's embark on a delightful adventure to conquer Mom Brain together!

In This Episode:

[02:23] “Mom Brain”, "Mommy Brain”, “Pregnancy Brain” What is it?

[05:35] The power of sleep, nutrition and movement [09:04] Building a baby from scratch

[10:10] How fatty acids support your cognitive brain function

[13:46] Unveiling the enchanting powers of Lion’s Mane

Key Takeaways:

  • It's always important to consult with a professional when making drastic lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise and self-care.

  • You need to be mindful of what you put in your body. Nutrient-dense food and overall healthy eating habits will help you to feel and think your best.

  • Make sure you have a dosing strategy to make sure you get enough nutrients needed for the body. Not too much, not any less.

  • Prioritizing self-care and finding moments of relaxation can help recharge and enhance cognitive function.

  • Supplementing during pregnancy and postpartum offers numerous benefits for both the baby and the mother, supporting their overall health and well-being during this critical phase of life.


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