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Episode 002 - 5 Simple Ways to Detoxify Daily

Did you know that your body is exposed to over 80,000 different chemicals every… single… day??


A lot of this exposure comes from personal care products, such as cleansers, cosmetics, deodorants, and skin care products. You’re also exposed via household cleaning products, crafting glues, air pollutants, plastic water bottles (if you use them), and a ton of other sources. Not all chemicals are toxic — water is a chemical compound, after all! But many of the chemicals that you inhale or absorb each day can have negative effects on your health over time.

Unfortunately, there is no way to fully avoid being exposed to chemicals. That’s the bad news. But here’s the good news: there are a ton of physiological and biochemical processes that are working to detoxify your body on the daily… and YOU can help to ramp up how quickly your body excretes and eliminates environmental toxins.

In this episode, I share the simple and sustainable steps that you can take to support your liver and routes of elimination, each and every day!

Let’s get started! Hit play to learn:

  • What the heck ‘detoxification’ actually means and how your body gets the process started

  • The warning signs of poor elimination of toxins — and 5 simple ways to ramp it up

  • Why 10-day juice cleanses and herbal detox teas are NOT the answer (sorry, influencers!)


00:01 Intro

02:14 What detoxification is (and isn’t)

05:14 Routes of elimination & liver

07:17 Warning signs of poor elimination

09:14 Get regular

10:50 Work on your microbiome

12:38 Drink more water

13:38 Sweat it out!

16:16 Liver buddies

19:05 Recap


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