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Episode 003 - 6 Reasons Why Your Sleep Sucks After Having Kids

Before becoming a parent, you may have taken sleep for granted. Sure, you probably had a few sleepless nights or woke up tired every now and then, but sleeping as a parent is a whole new ball game!

Poor sleep can come in a few different flavours, such as an inability to fall asleep, inability to stay asleep, and having irregular sleeping patterns. There are a ton of great reasons to put some real effort toward improving your sleep. Better sleep means better focus, happier mood, healthier food choices, more energy, and overall better parenting. (Plus, you’re less likely to forget the words while singing along to the latest Taylor Swift.)

The importance of sleep cannot be overstated. While we’re snoozing, our bodies are taking care of some really important tasks, like cultivating memories, mobilizing proteins, and repairing cells. There are 6 factors that may be sabotaging your ability to get a solid, restful night of sleep — and in this episode, we’re going to solve the mystery of the missing Zzzs!

Brew up a pot of chamomile and let’s get started! Hit play to learn:

  • How sleep actually works and the biological processes behind it

  • How to establish a dreamy, relaxing, and effective night-time routine

  • Why parents tend to stay up way too late — and what this does to your body!


00:01 Intro

03:27 How does sleep work?

05:12 Establish a night-time routine

08:00 Stop the scrolling

09:55 Limit the alcohol

11:31 Be mindful of bedtime

14:41 No late night snacking

16:26 Recap


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