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Episode 013 - Know Your Labs Series: Part 3 - Understanding Metabolic Flexibility

Today's episode is all about part three of our "Know Your Labs" series, and we're talking about the top five tests that all exhausted moms and women need to know. We'll cover topics like metabolic flexibility, the essential lab tests you need to take to know where you stand, and how to make sense of your lab results. Trust us, sis, understanding what's going on in your body is key to feeling your best. And if you're craving more, don't forget to check out our five-day "Know Your Labs" challenge for a deep dive into all the juicy details of optimizing your health through lab testing.

In This Episode:

[02:32] The science behind your metabolism

[05:02] Benefits of blood sugar & glucose testing

[07:29] The role of insulin in regulating blood sugar levels

[10:59] Understanding insulin sensitivity & insensitivity

[12:58] Using your HOMA-IR score to gain deeper understanding

[14:14] The importance of diet and lab work

[16:26] Symptoms of metabolic inflexibility

Key Takeaways:

  • Knowing what's happening with your body can provide a better path for support and treatment strategies.

  • Carbs are pretty important for our bodies. When we eat them, they go from our gut into our bloodstream and then spread the sugar/carbs to different body parts. Like to get pumped up for exercise or for our brain to get through tasks like taxes.

  • Eating too many carbs without enough protein, fiber, or healthy fats can make blood sugar and insulin levels high. This imbalance can cause instability in blood sugar levels and lead to higher insulin levels over time.

  • Over time, if our cells are constantly bombarded with high levels of insulin, they can become insensitive to it, leading to insulin insensitivity and potentially type 2 diabetes.

  • If you feel exhausted after a meal, it may mean that you have Metabolic Inflexibility.


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